Marketing Strategy
Marketing Strategy 1
As one of our Affiliates you don't need to learn anything new or even talk to people because we have created a very unique strategy that does all of the work for you.
To start when you buy one of our cards then buy an Ad Pack in your back office.
Each Ad Pack allows about 500 people will see your Ad.
Unlike other Affiliate programs your Ad only has to generate two sales to be successful!
Here's the secret sauce. Some of your customers will also wish to become Affiliates. When we start running Ads for them, you'll earn a 100% Match on all of their sales.
So every time they earn a Commission you'll earn a 100% Match.
What's even more powerful is that you can purchase more Ad Packs in your back office to increase the amount of traffic you are driving to your website.
We look forward to working with you.